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  1. Deep, happy sigh. Can’t really say how much I love this story. And an update in the week of Aubrey’s bd, I finally found Laura on twitter and… um, okay. Thank you for feeding the addiction. Much love for Claire, too. Did I mention lately how much I miss them?

  2. Wow…this is just wow and ditto to what B said well except for finding Laura on twitter, I just went looking after she found her, heh.

    Can hardly wait for the next part.

  3. Come on that horrible to just keep it at that. I can’t seem to get enough of and I really wish that no one will be hurt and everything will be okay for everyone.
    Lindsay really need help to realise what she is missing hopefully it wouldn’t be a gun shot that will make her reilize

  4. i love Claire.. she is the ‘common sense side’ of this CLUB and if she is calling Cindy which i truly hope she is.. its the best decision she could do.. Cindy is the friend Lindz needs right now.. maybe some heart to heart talk..

    thanks for the update

  5. I love this update – just the thing after a long week and … well, its WMC and L/C and <3.
    I love that they’re all so dedicated to their jobs, their friends, each other. But I’m still rooting for L/C cos I can’t stand for them to be with anyone else. And some real talking wouldn’t hurt these two… much.

  6. On one side, there was Lindsay, who had taken more knocks than any one person should have been able to take and still get back up, yet kept shaking it off and insisting it barely hurt. – Dig that

    Favoring one side in body, perhaps, but by no means off-limits to the other in spirit. – Oooh, neat

    Claire wasn’t convinced that Cindy realized how much either of them loved her. – aww

    You couldn’t drop a live wire into the middle of a group and not expect it to have an impact. – Dig that

    I want to hug Lindsay

    “I hate to do this to you, but I really need you at a scene.” – Agh!!!

    Someone else could make sure she got home safe. – No no no…

    It was a bad idea. Maybe the worst idea. – Oh this is such a bad idea!

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