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  1. Life is so good to me 🙂 This is the cherry on top (of getting an L/C painting next week and getting on a plane to Canada in a matter of 12,5 weeks!!).

  2. Yay, Shawna! Yay you!

    Awesome way to wake up 😀

    Hehehe one of many favorite parts

    – “You should be glad,” Claire added. “He knows you’re working on a deadline. I’m sure he’s up there doing everything that he can to get you laid tonight.”

    “Wow, you guys do know that I’m here, right?” Cindy finally spoke up.-

    And as always reading together just makes it better 😉

  3. “It’s okay,” Cindy said gently, and Lindsay risked looking at her directly. “They would have known when they heard you screaming my name from all the way across town tonight anyway.” / Though ‘stunned’ didn’t do justice to the way that Lindsay was feeling, this time it was Jill who choked. – LMAO! 😀

  4. Just wanted to say I love your fanfics, If been reading and lurking for a while and something in the air today said leave a comment so…

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