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  1. OK. There. Filled out all boxes before replying. Hopefully it will actually work this time 😀

    I was laughing out loud at the pete-cindy, sitting-standing byplay there. I actually had to stop and try and explain it to my parents when they wanted to know why I was laughing so much. I never would have picked Martha as the next conversationalist, but Lindsay really needed to talk to someone.

    I just hope she doesn’t yak the ear off of the poor guy on the other end of the hotline. He’s got to be annoyed enough already at the ’emergency’ she has. Hehe.


  2. Oh, Boxer, shouldn’t you know by now that resistance is FUTILE? Listen to all those people. And Martha. Especially Martha.

    A very lovely, amusing, wonderful, entertaining, and marvelous chapter, Riley. As always.

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