Chely Wright Song List

This one is for all those who need a crash course in the hot newly-out lesbian singer’s music. Because the last thing I want is for all of you excited lady-lovers to go Googling and stumble across “He’s a Good Ole Boy” first.

So, here’s a (totally subjective) suggested listening list (to some extent in order):


1. Unknown
2. Love Lets Go
3. Deep Down Low
4. The River
5. I Already Do
6. Emma Jean’s Guitar
7. Everything
8. Let Me In
9. Jezebel
10. While I Was Waiting
11. Before You Lie
12. Shut Up and Drive
13. She Went Out for Cigarettes
14. It Was
15. If I Were Jackie though I could have done without the spoken bridge
16. The Other Woman – mostly for the passionate rendition
17. I Wanna Go Back – sadly, not available for purchase, but you can find part of it on the Path to Stardom she was on
18. I’m Tryin’ – a duet with Diamond Rio and, again, her singing on this particular song is like a performance piece… utterly heartbreaking

*Recommended Albums for First-Timers*

Let Me In
Never Love You Enough

This list doesn’t include Chely’s most recent album, “Lifted Off the Ground,” produced by Rodney Crowell (yay!) and set to be released tomorrow, May 4th, 2010. While excited about the album, it’s not quite the same album it was once going to be. While I am very glad that Chely seems to have escaped a very dark place, “Notes to the Coroner,” which was once the intended album title, and still an album cut, could have been a heavy, but profound, theme album. Though maybe there is something to be said for an album that is half in darkness and half in light.

And here’s some eye candy –

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  1. So do you like that vid for the song, the eye candy, or the fact there’s a tarot card that says “Inamorata” on it? 😉

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