Subtext Recap: Once Upon a Time 2.16 – The Miller’s Daughter

This many episodes from one subtextual moment to the next, and this is all we get?

For shame!

Well, I guess on with it then…

SPOILERS. Yada yada yada.


Apparently, it was “spoiled” that there would be a surprising romance this week on Once Upon a Time.

It wasn’t surprising.

And we all knew “one would die”.

Also not surprising.

Who else were they going to kill?

While I believe eagle-eyed fans can certainly puzzle out what’s coming at them much of the time, I also think the creators and writers are giving fans a little too much credit. Because, honestly, knowing Baelfire was Henry’s father from the moment it was revealed Rumpelstiltskin had a son wasn’t a real mind-bender.

But, because I don’t want the show to sink until after Emma brings Regina back to life with a kiss, I’ll just say this –

OMG. I totes did NOT see any of this coming. Neal is Baelfire? Rumpel and Cora? Cora died?!? What? No way!

On a more serious note, Lana Parrilla continues to be a revelation this season. That final whirlwind emotional fuck – true happiness for the first time on real-world Regina to wrenching sadness to visible burning anger – that was something.

More importantly, though, a Once Upon a Time joke –

Regina and Barbara Hershey walk into Gold’s shop.

Emma says, “Regina, think about what you’re doing.”

Regina says, “Don’t talk to me.”

Then, they cuddle fight.

Okay, it’s not a joke.

They did cuddle fight.

Maybe this one is a knife to the throat –

 photo EmmaReginahug1.jpg

But this is definitely a cuddle –

 photo EmmaReginahug2.jpg

Cuddle. Cuddle. Cuddle.

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