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  1. Nope, I don’t get how it’s different. And I don’t understand all the hullabaloo. I don’t get how one scantily clad woman is different from another.

    And, the Victoria Secret ads seem way more like porn to me. Help me out, Riley. I want to understand your pov.

  2. First off, I’d just like to say that this isn’t an actual body image statement other than to say that women look better with boobs.

    Yes, the women in the Victoria’s Secret ads are scantily clad, but what is there to see really? Victoria’s Secret ads are like driving I-40 through New Mexico. Decent enough scenery, but severely lacking in curves.

    And this statement – “I don’t get how one scantily clad woman is different from another” – is just confusing.

  3. Ah, I think I should confirm. We may be saying the same thing-ish, but differently.

    From what I understood, the afore mentioned hullabaloo was about people complaining because this commercial was “too sexy” on primetime tv when kids are watching, etc. My “I don’t get how one scantily clad woman is different from another” was in that regard. If you’re going to complain about your eight year old seeing one woman’s cleavage, you better complain about all the cleavage on primetime tv. That’s what bothered me.

    And, I completely agree, VS models are boring to look at. First, basically, 90% of the them look the same and the ones with a different skin tone still have undernourished body type.

  4. Sorry, sis, I’m with Tara on this one. Vickies ads are every bit as porn like- if not more. I actually believe that it is just another way for corporate America to say “it’s not okay to be over a size 2”. BS! Screw you corporate America- big girls should be able to show their boobs on tv too!

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