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  1. defenestrate. i’ll seriously give you ten bucks if you know this word. i was so happy when i learned it, it changed my life!

  2. I could give you a million words. Most of them Aussie slang which may or may not be on

    My fave proper words at the moment:
    Superfluous – when something isn’t necessary, or some such
    Gargantuan – I’m sure you know what that means
    Precipitously – read Austen, you’ll know it’s a word. Or if you can’t stand the torture, watch an Austen based movie.

    Fave slang words:
    Sheila – Aussie word to call a woman
    Rang’a – Aussie word for red head
    Povo – when one is no where near finacially sound.

    I don’t know if any of these would appeal. But you did ask for comments. Enjoy and use away.

  3. I love when you all participate. Hooray!

    Oh and Angie…

    ‘Rang’a – Aussie word for red head’

    Seriously the most important word you could ever have taught me.

  4. As I’m sure Angie will agree, we have many – often region based- slang names for redheads. Being one myself I have heard more than my fair share. I think my favourite has to be ‘bluey’ though I’m pretty sure that’s not Australia specific.

    In regards to regular words, my favourites change as well. At the moment it is ‘sneaky’. No idea why.

  5. I must agree with Starry. Yes, we do have many region based slang words. Depends if you’re country or city, (I’m country), prissy or rough, (shiela automatically classes me as rough). But yeah, many regions, different tribes, different slang. I like ‘bluey’, too.

    And Riley…

    Seriously glad you can get some use out of Rang’a. The most important word? Use it well. Use it often.

  6. Hey, I’ve always liked the word queue because of how it’s spelt, but another is astonishment/astonished. Oh, and alas.
    I enjoy the language differences between Australia and America too. Aussie slang that is used quite often includes:
    ‘Root’ -to have sex with and
    ‘Bastard’ -used differently than everywhere else i know, as a term of endearment, go figure.
    ‘‘Agro’ (not so popular in the suburbs) -to be angry and aggressive

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