40 Hotties Over 40: #3 Wendy Crewson (Age: 52)

An honest admission…

Wendy Crewson boils my innards like molten lava.

It’s true.

She is foxy and fabulous and her ability to go from vixen to frau and back again is unsurpassed.

wendy-1.jpg wendy-3.jpg


For our purposes, I’ve gone frau-free. But if you’ve seen Better Than Chocolate, you know that she can do frau like nobody’s business.

She is one of the most sought after actresses in her native Canada, oft-rewarded with accolades for her work, and number three on my own personal favorite actress list. Just as she is number three on this list. Hm. Weird.

As if indelible talent and regal, statuesque beauty isn’t enough, check out how she spends her downtime.

Here is Wendy, with Sarah Polley, facing off against the Canadian government and fighting the forces of censorship with nothing but a sense of justice and some oversized bright yellow earrings.


Now that’s sexy.

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  1. okay, okay, okay… i have a question. now, as you’ve been making this list are you putting these women in any certain order? like, are you entering them as they come to you, or did you predetermine this list, because, i gotta be honest, there are ladies back in the thirties that have ms. wendy beat.

  2. Um, yes this list is in order. I don’t expect your personal preferences to mesh with mine. As you will recall, you mentioned several people in the beginning who didn’t even make my list.

    Different strokes and all.

    Oh yeah… and also, you’re wrong.

    Type up your list. I’ll post it.

    This goes for anyone who wants to challenge my expertise on hotties.

  3. Riley, I really like this choice. Actually, except for a few “Who Dats?”, I liked most of your choices. I suspect we have similar tastes in women.

    I’m a Canadian and I’ve seen Wendy Crewson in about a 100 different things over the years. Unfortunately, not one of these things was my bedroom!

    Wendy was always attractive, but, even though she’s “thinned out” a bit more than I like, she’s actually hotter now. She’s also a better actor than she used to be. Folks who like confident older women will find her especially attractive because she plays that role very well.

    Actually, she plays most roles very well. Much of the versatility comes from working in Canada. In Canada, there ain’t many parts available and they don’t pay much. If you specialize in one type of role, you’ll probably starve to death. You take ANY gig you can, even if it’s 3 lines in an American production shot here. By merely surviving, you gain a lot of experience in a wide variety of parts.

    The pretty folks and those desperate for fame and fortune move to LA and never come back. The more serious actors often stick around and hog the good roles. Wendy and Sarah Polley are good examples. Once you prove yourself here, you’ll work for the rest of your life. In fact, Al Waxman spent an entire season playing the role of God in a TV show AFTER he had died!

    Canadian productions have small budgets. There isn’t money for Hollywood tricks that make actors look prettier than they already are. Hollywood is more about looking good than being good.

    While it’s changed a bit, Canadian productions are rawer and less concerned with making everyone look beautiful all the time. (ie the original Degrassi) You see some unflattering shots at times. For those hooked on glossy American TV, it’s off-putting. My point is that Canadian actors tend to look exactly the same on camera as off camera, so Wendy Crewson is just as hot in real life.

    Fans of Wendy can see a lot more of her in “Suddenly Naked”.

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