40 Hotties Over 40: #27 Meredith Brooks (Age: 50, next month)

Meredith Brooks is hands down my favorite hot rocker chic, at least she used to be… and for damn good reason. If you haven’t heard any Meredith Brooks music beyond “Bitch” and maybe “What Would Happen” you must make great effort to get your hands on Blurring the Edges, Deconstruction, and Bad Bad One, and party. Hearty.


Look, she even still looks like a rocker. Oh, how deceptive appearance can be.

Let me tell you a tragic tale.

Meredith had a kid a few years ago, like four, a cute little boy named Troy. So what does she immediately do? Why, she hangs up her rocker mantle and makes a kids’ album. A KIDS’ ALBUM! This is a seriously upsetting turn of events. Seriously. If you don’t know and love Meredith’s music, you do not understand what a great loss this is, but, trust me, it’s damn unfortunate.

To add insult to injury, about a year after said kid made his trip to earth, we go see Meredith at a charity event in L.A., where she proceeds to change the lyrics in “Bitch” from “goddess on my knees” to “mommy on my knees”. Yes, she did that. She may as well have knifed me in the heart. It felt the same.

The only redeeming thing about this kids’ album is the “Ball Song”, in which Meredith proclaims her love of balls. It is, in fact, hysterical all the way through, but then you get to the part where she says all of the colors of balls she loves. You would think as an adult, she would have left out the color blue, but no.

Go here & hit play on “Ball Song”. Do not do this while drinking.

You have been warned.

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