40 Hotties Over 40: #29 Mariska Hargitay (Age: 44)

How dare you put Mariska this far down on your list? How could you?!?

Actually, it was remarkably easy. First season SVU it would have been considerably more difficult. Now… not so much.

Here she is doing her best look of utmost concern.


She’s still hot, don’t get me wrong. She just isn’t as hot as twenty-eight other women over forty.

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  1. well, you called it. i am wondering why she is this far down. you better have some doozies planned.

    question: did you ever hear anything about that screenplay you sent in a couple months ago?? how does that work? do you they read it and call you if they like it?

  2. also, i’m 90% sure this is from that episode where liv went undercover and had to go on a couple dates with dean cain to catch him. you know, the one where he suckered that girl into marrying him while he was in prison,then she was in the hospital with the feeding tube and there was the whole Terri Schiavo thing. am i right, am i right?? if so it’s really sad that i can look at a picture and know what episode it’s from.

  3. I assume you are talking about the Disney fellowship, and, yes, I received my formal rejection. Call? Uh right… No, the way it works is, I send in a screenplay (sometimes with a ridiculous entry fee if it’s a contest), then they send me a nice rejection letter in the mail… or just by email if they are exceptional tightwads.

    It creeps me out that you know what episode the pic is from, but I cannot answer your question. I don’t actually watch SVU.

  4. MARISKA It very beautiful APPLIED AND DESERVES THE TOP OF THE LISTA.Sou lí Brazilian and an article that if I understand your well, I do not understand well the English, you say that Mariska is lesbian.
    Frankly if that woman is lesbian I am perplexed. Why every time I watch SVU but I am convinced that Mariska well as very beautiful and sexy is one of femininity and sensitivity that enchants. Do not you despeitado is?

  5. The gal was born beautiful. Her mama was Jayne Mansfield, a really hot tomato from back when you could call a woman a tomato. Mariska proves you just can’t beat good genes.

    The gal must be a good actor too. Because, unless I’m concentrating on it, I rarely notice how hot she is. Her character is always so serious and, apart from the “girls in” shots we see fewer and fewer of, the show seems to butch her up as if they are intentionally trying to hide what a hot, feminine woman she really is.

    Not that I’m complaining, because the show is about sexually “heinous” crimes and all. It wouldn’t be right to have glam-ed up people investigating crimes like most shows do. So, it’s probably a good thing I don’t notice her sexually that often during the show. It’s bad enough I picture her co-star naked every time I see him, due to his stint in OZ.

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