40 Hotties Over 40: #24 Linda Eder (Age: 47)

You know what I love most about this woman? She sings awesome, she’s sexy, and she is kind of a nerd. Seriously. She is. Her stage banter just screams, “love me, I’m a geek!” And I do.


She also likes to wear long dresses with slits all the way up them, so when she’s performing, you get to play peek-a-boo all night, and, I am not playing here, Linda Eder’s legs almost rival her vocal cords in attention-grabbing power.

Granted, I’ve lately been disinclined to see her in concert. Since the Judy Garland tribute album and the tour with Michael Feinstein, things have gone progressively downhill.

Linda, I love you, I do, but remember It’s Time and It’s No Secret Anymore, your last two albums to have more good songs than lame ones? Can we go back to that? Please.

Oh… and would it kill you to sing “Something to Believe In” live these days? I’m just sayin’.

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  1. 1) plz moar fixtionz

    2) I love your work, but I have trouble reading it with this gray-on-white scheme you got going. The problem is in all iterations of firefox (xp and mac) and also safari for mac.

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