40 Hotties Over 40: #25 Alicia Coppola (Age: 40)

Ha! Two in one day! I might finish this list before the year is out.

Anyway, I trust that if there were an award to be handed out for the most “Who in the hell is that?”s, Alicia Coppola would win hands down. If she hadn’t had a rather substantial role on Jericho, she’d still likely be completely unknown. But I love Alicia Coppola. I do. In fact, I love her so much, I’ll type it again. I love Alicia Coppola. I would sit through an episode of CSI: Miami if she were guest starring. This is how deep my love runs.

And she’s just so cute!


I have loved her for longer than I want to admit, because if I admit to the length of my love, then one might be able to do some research and deduce that my love for her started when she was on Another World, the now defunct soap opera that spawned Anne Heche.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

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  1. never watched Jericho, but wasn’t she on a couple eps of Crossing Jordan? and wasn’t she in the second National Treasure movie??

    you may indeed finished before the end of the year! i haven’t crunched the numbers recently, we’ll have to see. how are things with your cubicle neighbor? making friends?

  2. Ah! C’est correct, Tara! She was indeed in those things.

    I really thought about doing a blitz, catching the whole list up at once, but then that would leave you only my choices to make fun of and not my time frame as well. What fun would that be?

    Friends? Um no. I entertain thoughts about that woman on a daily basis that remind me exactly why I am going to hell.

  3. p.s. you made the comment a while back when you were all excited about your Birds of Prey coming out on dvd that it was the series that started the femslash craze. i’m not sure if you were serious or not, BUT….

    i am a huge star trek fan (are you laughing right now?) and my fav star trek series is Voyager. Star Trek: Voyager, anyone? anyhow, (seriously, stop laughing at me) one of favorite eps , The Voyager Conspiracy, just got dvr-ed. there’s soooo much subtext between capt. janeway and seven, it’s ridiculous. it was filmed in 1999. i win.

  4. another one of my favourites…

    only one lovely lady over 40 who is noticeably absent from your list-

    Stacey Dash.

  5. Wasn’t all the fighting in Jericho over which town got to keep Alicia Coppola? I think it was and I can understand that. If you needed to re-populate the nation, her genes would do quite nicely and I, for one, would volunteer to help her do it.

    I’m not much into freckles, but she is one darn attractive gal with a great smile. Even though she’s not that well known and doesn’t strike you as Over 40, this is still a really solid choice.

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