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  1. uh oh, let us know what happens. just make sure you yell “i quit” before they fire you so the whole office can hear. then you don’t have to put it on your resume… right?

    also, what happened to the Starving Writer’s Tip Jar!!!??? i was waiting for your birthday!

    also, did you get my question about that screenplay you sent in a couple months ago??

  2. hehe I’m dying to know what the print out was too! A similar incident happened to me once in work. Got caught by my boss printing off my CV and numerous job application forms, ooops!

  3. Okay, so nothing happened. I got no talking to, not even a further mention. WT Fuck is wrong with these people?

    My tip jar was removed, but it will be returned at some point. Worry not, and, awwwww, that’s sweet.

    Yes, I got your question, and I answered it on that post (it was the Mariska post. go read it. geesh).

    Heh, Del… oops indeed.

    As far as the printout, in terms of smuttiness, it could have been far worse, but as far as things I don’t want leaked out into the world, it couldn’t have been much worse, because –

    a) It’s one of my more sellable original ideas.


    b) It’s not yet copyrighted.

    I’m just glad the accidental print job happened here instead of in NY or L.A. Then, I could have kissed that shiznit goodbye.

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