Very Unexpected Surprises of the Most Surprising Nature

Initially, the good for this week was going to read “Pilot Season,” because it has been a decent week in pilot casting. Sarah Paulson got swooped up for an NBC comedy (see here—> Yes here) which is nice, though I do like her best on the stage. And none of that, “Yeah, but sitcoms are kinda like live theater.” Yes, they are, but that’s not what I’m talking about and you damn well know it!

Anyway, onto the casting news that, for me personally, was more awesome this week. Leslie Bibb scored the lead in Good Christian Bitches (see here—> Right here), the tile of which, alone, has apparently offended has some (non-bitchy?) women’s groups and religious groups. Of course, I found this information on Fox News, so take that as you will.

Not only is Leslie the lead though, but Annie Potts, yes THE Annie Potts, is going to be playing her mother. And that, my peoples, is like the sweetest bit of tandem casting news in a while.

It pales in comparison though to my Friday, my glorious, awesome Friday, on which my most favoritest actress of all, Goddess Dina Meyer, sent some cuteness, thanks and even “props” my way, unsolicited and completely unexpected.

Now, that is a good end of the week.

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