Concerts and Bread Pudding

Shawna said she was buying me a Mustang, red or blue with racing seats, and that we were no longer paying any bills we don’t like. I didn’t take the opposing side in either of these debates, because there are definitely a few bills I hold a grudge against and I desperately need a muscle car, which will perfectly complement my own rippling muscles.

Anyway, we’re going to start spending money only on things that we want to spend money on, like concerts and bread pudding. Because as difficult as life can be, it’s hard to be angry when tucking into a ridiculous portion of bread pudding while listening to the dulcet tones of a beautiful woman.

Tonight, the bread pudding was pumpkin and the honey-voiced hottie was Jill Hennessy.

Some of you may know that, prior to her acting career taking off, Jill made her living busking in Toronto and then in the subways of New York. Now she has an album out titled “Ghost in My Head.” It’s deep and melancholic and sigh-inducing. And, oh, how I do love to hear her sing. Anyway, tonight was most excellent. Lovely, intimate venue, fabulous music and a brief conversation with Jill, in which I told her that my favorite acting of hers was kissing Leslie Bibb.

No really. I said it. And now Shawna owes me five bucks.

So, I told her that her best acting work was kissing Leslie and thanked her for it. And she laughed and said, “That wasn’t acting” and said Leslie was a better kisser than Jerry O’Connell. And a preset display of fangirl fireworks went off in my head.

Seriously though, she was super nice and incredibly grateful, and if you like introspective lyrics with a punch, go buy Ghost In My Head. I will hand deliver it in my new Mustang after purchasing fuel with my five-dollar winnings that I will be taking from Shawna’s bag after she goes to sleep tonight.

a voodoo postscript: When we emerged from the venue and neared our car, I noticed that someone had sat a squashed plastic water bottle on top of the passenger-side back tire. When I removed it, there were two bottle cops stacked strategically beneath the bottle. Is this a curse? Because on the way home, the lights started flickering every time Shawna let off the gas. Though our research indicates that this is a common issue, it still seemed like someone had put the evil on us.

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  1. Hey Riley- I was at the Jill Hennessy show last night as well and couldnt agree more with how nice and grateful she was. She seemed to try and personalize everyone’s experience with her. I just wish I wasn’t sitting next a table full of people who were there for the following act and talked above Jill’s performance!

    1. I can’t believe you were at that show! Not to sound cliche but… small world, eh? We had to have been sitting near each other. We were also on the upper level by the loud talkers!

  2. We were sitting along the back wall upper level near the windows. When we were shown the seats we almost asked if we could be moved, but we didn’t want to be difficult….afterwards we wished we had. But you are right..most definitely a small world.

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