Who Thinks This is a Bad Idea?

I was reading this article today regarding e-memory, which is a chronicle of everything that one experiences in digital format, made by using video and voice recorders to capture daily conversations and experiences.

Does this feel a little ‘Big Brother’ to anyone else? And for the record, that is a reference to 1984, not the TV crapfest.

Apparently, Microsoft is working on the SenseCam, a digital camera that is worn around the neck at all times and takes pictures automatically when there are changes in light or when it detects body heat. Yes… body heat. So if you work at Applebee’s and you end up serving one of these SenseCam people, smile, you’re on candid camera.

It really doesn’t make any difference to me if people want to chronicle every flower they sniff and every crap they take, or the other way around, but what if I happen into someone’s photo zone? At least with a real camera, I get the chance to slap it out of someone’s hand.

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