Riley’s Five Favorite Christmas Specials – #4

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a little misery. I’ve been told that I love this next special because it’s so sad most of the way through. It even has a title song with such uplifting lyrics as:

“Nestor was a donkey who seldom laughed or played

‘Cause no one ever used him in the stable where he stayed

And all the camels teased him, the other donkeys too

They said, look at little Nestor, there’s nothing he can do

Happy-go-lucky, huh?

Anyway, I love this sad as hell special.

Riley’s Fave Christmas Special #4

Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey – Kind of the Bambi of the Christmas season, Nestor is adorable, and he gets a happy enough ending, but he sure does have to go through some stuff to make it there. And when those big tears fill his eyes, he is the cutest, most pathetic creature on Earth. I have a major soft spot for those.

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