Extreme Sensitivity… as corporeal inconvenience. – A Women’s Murder Club Series, part 4

TITLE: Extreme Sensitivity… as corporeal inconvenience. (4/?)
PAIRING: Lindsay/Cindy
DISCLAIMER: Women’s Murder Club does not belong to me. The characters do not belong to me. They are the property of James Patterson, 20th Century Fox Television and ABC. I have no problems with that as long as I can borrow them for short bursts and use them in pursuit of my own enjoyment. I am not trying to infringe. Though, I don’t know why anyone has a problem with fan fic. After all, it really is a compliment. If anyone wants to write fan fiction about my book, feel free.

(Cindy’s POV)

“Lindsay’s been hurt.”

“What?” Cindy returned more sharply than she meant to. “Hurt how?”

Distracted by the unpleasant information, she almost gave Claire more cause for concern, barely avoiding a fender bender with the car braking in front of her. How her skidding stop didn’t carry her into their bumper she wasn’t quite sure, but she gratefully took a deep breath and ignored the soundless telling off and accompanying finger being directed at her in the guy’s rearview mirror.

“She wasn’t shot,” Claire responded. “She was just injured in a fall while she was chasing a suspect.”

Just injured in a fall? Was that all? Cindy really wanted to relay the sarcastic inquiry, but refrained because it was Claire.

“I knew that you were supposed to meet her about the Cooper case. I didn’t want you getting stood up.”

“Where is she?” Cindy quietly asked, really glad that she hadn’t let her sarcasm slip out.

“As far as I know, she’s still at the hospital. Jacobi said he was sure she’d call as soon as she could.”

“Mission Cross North?”

“Uh huh. You know she’s going to be furious when you show up there right?”

“I expect nothing less,” Cindy responded, automatically taking the next right and heading back in the direction of the hospital.

Getting there and getting in was surprisingly easy. The traffic was abnormally light and the hospital staff was unusually gullible. Within twenty minutes, she was sneaking through the door of Lindsay’s room, walking in just in time to see Lindsay jump in reaction to something the young guy perched at the foot of her bed had done.

“Sorry. Did that hurt?” he asked with total sincerity.

“Yeah, it did,” Lindsay snapped. “You know, it actually is extremely sensitive. Maybe you could be just a little careful?”

“I’d listen to her. If you don’t do what she says, she’ll find a reason to arrest you.”

Lindsay’s head turned her direction, and Cindy smiled broadly at her.

“What are you doing here?” Lindsay asked.

“Claire told me you were hurt.”

“I should have called you. I completely forgot we were meeting with… everything.”

“Linds, it’s okay. I didn’t come here to exhibit rage over you not calling to cancel. I wanted to see how you were,” Cindy replied, finally making it to the edge of Lindsay’s bed and flicking her eyes down to inspect the injury. Tape and splints hid it to some degree, but the purple and yellow bruising was coming up quickly.

“Oh,” Lindsay seemed genuinely surprised by that, stumbling a little over her next words. “It’s really not a big deal. It’s just a sprain.”

She jolted again, casting a glare in the direction of the doctor, and Cindy felt sorry for the man before Lindsay even opened her mouth again.

“How long have you worked here?”

“Two months. I’m an intern.”

“Of course you are.”

Not particularly wanting it turned on herself, but unable to idly watch the poor guy suffer the wrath of a frustrated Lindsay Boxer, Cindy enacted mission distraction.

“So are you out of commission?”

“No. I’ll be up in a few hours.”

“Actually, it will probably be several days before you can even walk without crutches.”

Really not helping yourself guy, Cindy wanted to inform him. Busy with her ankle, the poor intern completely missed the second glare, this one even more heartfelt, that Lindsay sent his way in less than ten seconds.

Cindy dropped her hand to just above Lindsay’s knee, squeezing lightly. It was successful in drawing Lindsay’s gaze away from the intern.

“You rushed down here in the middle of the day?” Lindsay’s voice rasped softly.

“I was already in my car,” Cindy responded. She could have left it like that, but she didn’t want to. “I was worried.”

Lindsay dropped her eyes back to her ankle, as if trying to hide the small smile that turned her lips upward.

“How did you get in here?”

The question sounded remarkably familiar. It was just part of their repartee now, because Lindsay already knew what the answer would be.

“The usual,” she divulged. “I lied… sis.”

Lindsay’s smile expanded as she looked back up to meet Cindy’s gaze.

“I appreciate the concern, but I really am okay. I don’t want to be responsible for getting you fired if you have something you should be doing.”

“I was supposed to be meeting you,” Cindy reminded her. “Then you went and got yourself all injured and unmeetable. But I probably should get back.”


It was kind of hard to tell if Lindsay really did or really didn’t want her to leave.

“Okay,” Cindy slowly replied. “Don’t let her get to you.”

The intern smiled up at her, relieved to have someone in the room not working against him.

Cindy turned her gaze back to Lindsay. Lindsay who was injured… Lindsay who could have been hurt a lot worse… Lindsay who may be at any time in the near future… She wouldn’t have even be thinking about it if Lindsay could jump and run, but she was physically incapacitated, which made her a lot less intimidating. Well, a little less intimidating at least.

“You know how I’m sensitive about my cooking ability?” she asked, her eyes dropping to Lindsay’s lips.

“So you say.” Those lips turned up into a smirk.

“Well, I’m twice as sensitive about my kissing ability.”

“Kissing ab…”

She stopped Lindsay’s confused question by pressing her lips against the brunettes. Already slightly agape, Lindsay’s lips further parted beneath her own. Cindy felt the swirl of their combined breath, a rush of pleasure, and suddenly remembered that they had an audience. When she pulled away, Lindsay just stared at her wide-eyed.

Cindy turned away from that look only to find her intern friend gawking with nearly equal astonishment.

“I should really get back to the office.”

Cindy fled without waiting for a reaction. A hundred yards from the door of Lindsay’s room, she stopped and sagged against the wall to breathe.

“Oh my God,” she whispered to herself, knocking her head softly back against the wall as she remembered the look of absolute shock on Lindsay’s face when she’d pulled away. “She’s going to kill me.”

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  1. omg your going to kill me if you dont post again soon! and hurry, no internet this weekend 🙁 love it prefect timeing on the kiss. 😀

  2. That was side-splitting and brilliant. You’re real good with these romantic interludes I must say. Somehow, you make Cindy that much more brave when she takes the opportunity and plants that kiss in Lindsay. So well done. You’re also real good with these cliffhangers. Not that anyone’s in jeopardy – well, maybe Cindy when she’s alone with Lindsay next – but come on! You have to update real soon. This is just to good to sit. She’s a fine, fruity red wine, this story. Looking forward to more.

  3. Ahah, the poor intern! So Cindy kisses Lindsay (and what a kiss! sooo cute) and leaves the poor guy to face Linds alone?? eheh. this could end badly for him…

    I like pissed-off Lindsay, and how Cindy tries to distract her. She did manage to take her mind off her sprained ankle quite well, though… Next time I sprain my ankle (and it happens quite often since I seem to trip on everthing that is a bit taller than the normal pavement) I want a distraction like Cindy!


  4. lol i actully dont feel bad for the intern… i kinda wanna be him, just so i can know whats gunna happen that much sooner XD lol as always i loved it! brilliant writing and very heart warming 🙂
    please please please update soon <3

  5. Haha, poor intern, having to deal with “angry Lindsay” who would be able to pull a case on him faster than he can run. Oh Cindy, you make my day and you make my day with your fanfics.

  6. Mission distraction and physical incapacity…lead to *kiss* !!! Woo! Utter cuteness. And…she’s going to kill me.

    Have I told you how much I love your fics?

  7. “Next time I sprain my ankle… I want a distraction like Cindy!”

    Uh yeah… me too.

    “(and it happens quite often since I seem to trip on everthing that is a bit taller than the normal pavement)” – Wow, Luce, you sound just like my friend Kamini. The poor girl can’t walk over a crack in the sidewalk without tripping on it and she lives in New York, so she walks all the time!

    “i actully dont feel bad for the intern… i kinda wanna be him, just so i can know whats gunna happen that much sooner”

    Call me creepy, but I want to be him so I can watch.

    “you make my day with your fanfics” + “Have I told you how much I love your fics?” =

    Glad to be of service.

  8. I just heard a rumour that Lifetime is thinking of picking up Women’s Murder Club for next season!!! I thought you would want to know so that you and everyone here can pepper them with e-mails telling them to do it. We may still get more Lindsay/Cindy scenes 🙂 Yay!!!

  9. Are you sleeping with someone at Lifetime? Where did you get this information?

    Pepper them with emails? Please! I say we gear up and assail the offices in full body army. Who’s with me?

    Viva Lindsay/Cindy subtext… with potential to hire someone new who will recognize what they have in their midst and turn it into main text… even if just for one episode. Actually, now that I think about that, I’m not sure I can physically endure that level of hotness. I think my insides would melt.

  10. I got the info from someone at youtube, not the most reliable place, I know. However I decided to check it out at the Save Women’s Murder Club site and I found out that there is in fact a campaign going on to have Lifetime take it up.

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