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  1. If I can make you do this with a simple tweet, then I must feel very accomplished now.
    Yep, Cindy so needs to talk to Lindsay. And then they need to kiss and make out, up, whatever. Yeah, I’m feeling kinda sorry for Jill, but really, what do you expect when messing with the OTP? No one does that unpunished. See what happened to Pete? We made him a serial killer on the VS. So, some temporary heartbreak = acceptable alternative. Jill knows that Lindsay and Cindy belong together. It’s The Law.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂

  2. I love that it’s happening, but I’m a mess o sniffles. And again, although I feel for Jill, I sooo want the L/C love…

  3. All of them are hurt.. Claire is a smart cookie and i hope that talk will make Cindy to get out of the fence.. and pick the one that can make her happy the most.. which i want to believe it will be Lindsay..

    more soon..

  4. You know what I love, Barb? That you feel sorry for Jill and yet kind of don’t all in the same comment 😉 You’re like, “Poor Jill… now knife her right through the heart!” Heh.

    And thanks everybody. Next part as soon as I find some time.

  5. Aw, but Jill was sitting at the table with them when they made eyes at each other, canonically, and technically in the timeline before this story started. She knew. Still feeling sorry for her… a little.

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