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  1. Awe. This is a hard one for me to read. I absolutely detest Jill/Cindy. Or Jill/Lindsay. Or any variant that isn’t Lindsay/Cindy.

    But I keep faith because I know deep down Riley is the same way. 😉

  2. That really sad, I am not sure how to feel any more should we be sorry for JIll or LInds. seriously when two feriends fall for the same girl it really break them unless they are true friends they will get through anything but the selfishness of LInds and Jill in their thoughts they want to keep Cindy for them self is kind I don’t know the right word to descirbe it but there is something wrong with it.

    I don’t know how Linds can still stand after all of this, I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid to risk her life. to clear this emptiness she feel, people in such cases tend to be rekless and don’t care much about their life.

  3. Second Barb&Nikky – *sighs* Iz hoping it’s going to all fall into place now, but that means someone is going to be hurt.

  4. Jeez… That’s a hell of of a sucker punch for Lindsay, as she was already reeling from all the stuff with Cindy. *hugs her*

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