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  1. Well…this is not something I wanted to read, tonight. 🙁

    But being the bright side, silver lining, glass-half-full gal that I am, I’m going to take this to mean that the following will happen soon-ish;

    I go into a bookstore and walk up to the clerk and ask: “Excuse me do you have the new Riley LaShea book?” The clerk looks at me with a are-you-blind-lady glare and just say: “Yeah, right there on the table at the front.” Then as I pay for my copy, I mention in passing: “I know her.” To which the clerk responds only by looking at me with a what-you-been-smoking-lady look.

    But for my sanity, your fan’s and perhaps yours, will you promise that you’ll still take our girls out on a little fic tour, once and while? 😉

    Thanks for 2 wonderful (the word doesn’t do them justice) episodes. 🙂

  2. Despite the sadness your post causes me, it doesn’t erase the episodes you wrote, nor the fics you (hopefully) will continue to write…
    Please ? 🙂

  3. Your input on next season will be missed.
    Of course it will free you up for more important things, namely ‘Conversations…’, ‘Extreme Sensitivity’, and (the on hiatus but not forgotten) ‘Between the Shadow and the Soul’.

    And if time permits you could throw in something that could earn a paycheck.

  4. We will miss you lots and lots. But remember, the first L/C kiss and the first case they worked on after the ‘first time’ in canon will always be yours. Thank you for being there this part of the journey.

  5. Wow Nikky… I hope that happens soon-ish, but don’t put any money on it, okay? You are very welcome for the eps and I plan to keep writing fic. If only I could get back on that.

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