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  1. oh, man, poor Cindy thinks Lindsay is inherently angry at her. and poor Lindsay has a really obnoxious best friend and a really whipped Interim DA to deal with.

    I really enjoy that you’re not spending any time questioning that everybody’s gay gay gay, too.

    always up for ridiculous, indeed.

  2. gotta love a scheming Jill, and Denise for going along.

    Although I think Lindsay’s call to Jill is just a way to delay the inevitable.

  3. Suh-wing! I loved this chapter!!! When Lindsay realized she’d been had (which was after I realized it :D) I chuckled. I can’t wait for more!

  4. Can I just say, I love the Jill/Denise twist? I love, absolutely love the Jill/Denise twist. There I said it :). Those two are my second OTP next to Lindsay/Cindy and I’m glad to see them be part of this story.

    Thank you for a wonderful update!

  5. Can’t you just imagine all the typing coming to a sudden halt as every reporter in the place stopped to watch the prgress of a lone cop in their territory? I can. But I suspect Lindsay would have bolted and left before Cindy could even look up from her work, which would have been bad because we never would have gotten this: “The only time we have these private conversations seems to be when I’m in trouble for something, and while I am normally pretty aware that it’s coming, I really don’t remember doing anything this time.”

    Excellent update, thanks.

  6. Oh, so love where this went this chapter! I’m not a big Jill/Denise shipper at all, but I can so picture Linds when she figures out she’s been had… Can’t wait for that phone call!

  7. Heh! If I’m Jill, that call is totally going to voice mail.


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