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  1. wow… that is… amazing.

    i’m wondering if you did research or just assumed that everyone in the Falls is a stoner… because they are. what else is there to do in The Middle of Nowhere, Texas.

    i almost want to change our rat terrier’s name to Quirko.

    thanks for the laughs! how are things going?

  2. Hilarious!

    These challenges are like mini Twilight Zone episodes mixed with a little Monty Python’s Flying Circus. 🙂

    Btw, you have no idea how hard I’m trying not to bug you for a VS tidbit. Apparently not hard enough not to mention it, but I’m not asking. 😉

  3. I’m so glad you liked it Tara. I was worried about disappointing. Did Seth enjoy? I didn’t research, but I grew up further from a big city than you and I know what people do outside the metro area 🙂 Things are going alright. One day at a time. Thanks for asking.

    Thanks Chloe!

    Heh… this may be the only time I get to see something described as mini Twilight Zone episodes mixed with Monty Python. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think basically what I’m reading here translates as thus –

    ‘Riley, that is some fucked up shit!’

    VS morsel: the teaser will post on Wednesday… do you really want to know what’s going to happen in advance?

    I will give you this. If my last ep was a House Arrest or a Temporary Girlfriend, this ep is more of an Inamorata.

  4. Yeah, but I love me some fucked up shit. 🙂

    My sensible, mature side doesn’t really want to know in advance. But my groupie side just can’t help herself.

    Well, I kinda figured. There is a serial killer on the loose after all. And the show isn’t called “The Lindsay Boxer Comedy Hour” Besides, some of your crewmates have hinted at a fan getting hit. (hopefully they were talking about a propeller-type device and not a reader like me)

    As I recall Inamorata did have a very, very happy ending.

    I know the 2nd part of the season will be as awesome as the 1st. Whatever happens. 🙂

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