Inamorata (13/36) – WMC fic

PAIRING: Lindsay/Cindy
DISCLAIMER: Characters, not mine. Story, mine.

Lindsay needed only one minute away from Ashe, but wherever she went, he was right there with her. She couldn’t even revert to skills learned long ago in junior high and slip a note to someone. Showing any real indication of awareness was much too risky.

Which was why she had continued her usual obstinacy all night, giving Ashe just enough of a slow trickle of information, a few false memories, and limited insight into her real pain to keep him occupied, and, more importantly, in her presence. If she had been too helpful, the change would have been noticeable.

In the silences, she’d deliberated long and hard on how best to handle the situation, knowing very well that any sudden or unexpected moves would give her away.

When Ashe announced without warning that he was leaving for a couple of hours to check in with the FBI, Lindsay nearly panicked and blew the whole thing. The knowledge that he was very likely going somewhere other than headquarters was nearly unbearable. It was with a steel will that Lindsay sat at her desk until she was absolutely certain that he wasn’t going to return. Then she raced up the stairs to Tom’s office.

“Get someone on Ashe,” she said as she rushed through the door.


“Send a tail, Tom. Hurry.”

Whether it was out of respect for her as a detective or an abiding faith as a friend, Tom didn’t hesitate. He called the names of two officers as he walked out of his office and met them halfway on the stairs.

Lindsay watched Tom out the door, unable to hear what he was saying, but confident that he was relaying the urgency of the situation. He finished with them and the two officers left in a hurry. Lindsay only hoped that they didn’t draw too much attention to themselves. If Ashe knew he was being followed, it would be done.

“Linds, what in the hell is going on?” Tom asked as he walked back in, pushing the door closed.

She couldn’t tell him. It was too risky. She knew him well enough to know how he would want to handle the situation, and she knew that his way wouldn’t work this time. She had to do this on her own. Well, maybe not entirely on her own.

“I need to go to the hospital to see Jacobi,” Lindsay informed him.

“I’ll drive you,” Tom said, grabbing his jacket.

“No,” Lindsay shook her head. “I’m going with Jill and Claire. When Ashe gets back, don’t tell him where I am. Just keep him here.”

“This is no time to make enemies out of the FBI, Lindsay.”

“Tom, I’m asking you to please do this for me. Just stall him.”

“While you hash something out with Jill, Claire, and Jacobi?”

“Tom, I don’t trust him with her.” She felt like she owed him part of the truth. “Ashe doesn’t care about Cindy. He doesn’t care about me. He’s as obsessed with Kiss-Me-Not as I was… before.”

“Before Cindy,” Tom filled in.

Lindsay wasn’t going to say it, but it was true. Whether or not she ever got her hands on the Kiss-Me-Not Killer was now far less important than getting Cindy back.

“Ashe’s only concern is encountering Kiss-Me-Not. I’m not going to let him get Cindy killed trying.”

“Encountering,” Tom repeated. “You make it sound like he’s more interested in shaking the guy’s hand than seeing him executed.”

The concern Tom exuded was directed more at her sanity than any notions she might be harboring about Ashe.

“Just do this for me, Tom. I have my reasons.”

“What are those reasons? Why don’t you try telling me?”

“I have been up all night,” Lindsay snapped, finally losing her patience. “Cindy has a limited window here. I do not have the time or the energy to argue this point with you.”

Tom tensed up instantly. This was no way to get in his good favor. Lindsay knew that, and she also knew that she wasn’t exactly being fair. She was keeping information from him, he had to know that, and she was still begging his assistance.

“I’m asking you to trust me,” she quietly pleaded.

She didn’t need his approval or even him to like her at the moment. She just needed him to lie on her behalf.

“Don’t shirk your detail,” Tom uttered.

“Is that even possible?” Lindsay queried. Though she was certain he’d take it as a joke, she actually wanted to know the answer.

“Go. When he gets here, I’ll tell him you’re out on assignment for me.”

“Thank you,” Lindsay responded, knowing very well how hard it was for him to be kept out of the loop.

“Be careful.”

She couldn’t manage a smile, so Lindsay just nodded in reply.

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  1. I can totally pick right up on the soft porn angle, but I’m missing plot info on this …thanks, now I have to go back & start reading all of them from the beginning….

  2. Even if it’s so not porn, I liked it!
    I loved how well you described Lindsay and Tom’s relationship and how in the end she gets him to do what she wants. Cindy is just too important for her and Tom luckly seems to have noticed that!
    Ok, I’m ready for the next one, now!

  3. Wow, that is some serious bossiness Luce! Since you leave me such nice long comments, though, I will allow myself to be bossed around 🙂

    And Nikky – She just might be. Kicking ass is what Lindsay does best!

  4. Yeah..I meant the PREVIOUS story I read & commented on was the one I picked right up on….this one made me have to go back & read the stories leading up to it….do ya hear me now?

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