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  1. Heather?!

    Of all the people to talk/confront Lindsay about Cindy, you decided to add Heather? I damn near pissed myself I was laughing so bloody hard. I’m surprised you didn’t let Lindsay have a swing. But then, Heather does have a way about her that disarms her to her husbands ex. And I thought it was so friggin’ good when Lindsay gave her the count down. I just full on loved every bit of this chapter. And you make me wonder who Lindsay will run into next: the eponymous redhead of this hilariously good story, the mam-bear in which Lindsay nothing but truth, or some good, ole’ mischief and fun from the sex-oriented best mate who can safe call Lindsay on her shit? See, the great thing about your writing, and this story, is that I can’t guess who’ll be next. You may even throw in someone like Cho. And that’s why I can’t wait for the next update. 🙂
    Who the fuck am I kidding? I never can. 🙂

  2. Cho? Interesting. You know, since he’s also crushed out on Red. Denise, on the other hand, is no big fan of the reporter. So a convo with her might turn out to be quite amusing.

    However, what I’m looking forward to the most is Lindsay’s reaction the next time she sees Cindy.

  3. Poor not!straight Lindsay. I really hope she runs into literally every character ever in the series, all of whom thought she was a big ole’ gay.

  4. Ok, I’ve been really bad at commenting the past week or so. You’d think wedding stress would be limited to those actually involved in the planning of the event, but no.

    Anyway, this was absolutely hilarious. I think my favourite part was when Lindsay agreed to do the favour without knowing why. Closely followed by Heather clearly just humouring her belief about Cindy being ok. I think it’s incredibly clever of you not have actually had Cindy appear. For various reasons 😀

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