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  1. That was brilliant! Love naughty Lindsay and her wandering hands. Can’t blame her either 😉 Lol Jacobi rescuing Cindy was great…and the hug. And then the L/C dance. Perfection! 😀

    Can’t wait for more!

  2. okay, so I somehow didn’t manage to get my comment through on the last part… just saying I’m very very happy. So many sweet little things… and yeah, a remarkably hot fever dream.

  3. OKay, so maybe you are unbelievably cruel for leaving us in a state of extreme sensitivity (read ‘sexual frustration’) as well as dying get on with unfinished conversationsm but DAYAM woman! You certainly do know how to give us a little happy on the side. Don’t mind me, I will be over here int he corner salivating like a good puppy. (Good thing puppy love is cute on me…)

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