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  1. Aw that sucks that your sick. What a crappy time to get sick. Hope you had a nice christmas though! 🙂

    That was great! Loved scared Lindsay and annoyed Cindy. And the “uh huh” and the walk off lol.

    Man, I’m so intrigued as to what Lindsay is up to!

  2. Oh, I so can’t wait to see what the gang really does get Cindy-Lou – she’s gonna be sooooo surprised! Right? Please?

  3. Loved this! They are so all up to something… and the only butterflies are those fluttering merrily in my stomach, because L/C coming from you is just always gorgeous.

    And sorry about you being sick, I can commiserate. Sucks big time.

  4. Aw. I don’t like hearing that you’re sick 🙁

    You know R, I can get you nurses from the same place I got the Cheerleaders 😉

    Oh, and this story is making my holiday season 😀

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