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  1. Aww Yay! Cindy’s not pissed anymore! And Lindsay’s awesome! 😀

    So many good lines in this.


    “like two inches of rebellion”

    “She looked entirely un-put-together, which made Lindsay ache to hurdle the gearshift and lay the passenger seat back.”


    “I packed what I want you to wear.”
    “I do have clothes, right?” Cindy repeated.

    So excited for more!

    Great work as usual 😀

  2. Nice to have you back in the land of fanfic.
    It may be selfish and needy but if I don’t have stuff to read I have to work, and that is just wrong.

  3. Yahoo! And not in the search engine kind of way. *claps happily* I can’t wait to see what the whole surprise is and am even more excited at the idea of Cindy making amends 🙂 *sighs*

  4. Thanks for all of your writing…you are awesome! I really have enjoyed it all, and I can’t wait for more!

    Thanks again…

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