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  1. I checked. The calendar. And outside. There’s no snow on the ground and it’s really hot. That’s because it is, in fact, July 22nd and not December 25th. And yet, here you are with this great gift. Another WMC story. And what a start!! THE missing scene! Even without Lindsay’s discovery that episode would have been a hundred times better with a scene like that between Claire and Lindsay.

    “What in the hell is wrong with you?”

    That’s what every WMC fan wanted someone, anyone to scream at Lindsay.

    So, does this mean “Extreme Sensitivity” is nearing the finish line and the sweet pay off? Is this one going to be the darker angsty fic to the lighter “Conversations with…”? And why is the sky blue?

    Anyway, thank you and yay!! 🙂

  2. You are like my freaking idol. You have their characterization down so well that if stupid ABC had gone with another season, I’d be writing letters and demanding that they hire you to write the script. I can hear these words being said, see it like it’s an episode that has already happened. Totally, 100% freaking awesome. Keep up the good work.

  3. That episode of WMC would’ve been infinitely better if a scene like this would’ve occured. It’s better than the alternative: that Lindsay Boxer is a kind of a bitch.

    I am extremely happy that you have started yet another story. If you keep updating this fast, I’m going to get spoiled and get used to it. Then I’m going to be utterly disappointed if I have to wait at least a day and a half for an update. I’ll muddle through it of course.

    Another great beginning to what seems to be another amazing story. Riley, you are truly gifted.

  4. This is great! Updating this quick is going to spoil all of us who check your site daily…sometimes many times a day 🙂 I cant wait for more of…all of them!!!!

  5. Ok, I had a long in depth comment here, and I forgot to fill in the spam protection. *headdesk*

    Basically, I was just expressing my appreciation for the awesomeness that was Claire’s temper. There’s a special kind of aggression that nice people get on behalf of others, and you managed to get the protective rage exactly spot on. Yay!

    Also, I’m a bit apprehensive about the upcoming hospital scene. First because I read your disclaimer stuff up the top. And second because Jill is sitll in the room, and Lindsay has to get around both her, and her own fears, before even getting to talk to Cindy.

    *waits in nervous anticipation for the next part*

  6. Squee!
    Another new fic! *claps happily then paces worriedly* What about Jill…But yay Lindsay isn’t a total bitch for leaving Cindy in the hospital.

  7. Yay, more fic!

    Honestly, I’m a bit worried about your pairing warning… If Lindsay walks in there to give Cindy everything and she and Jill are making out or something, I might die 🙁

    More soon, I hope!

  8. Yet another brilliant start for what’s bound to be another run-of-the-mill (at least in your case) fantastic story.

    I often wonder when/*IF* you’ll plateau with the sheer originality/cleverness of your stories. Seem like you’re still running full steam uphill.

    That? Makes me really happy. Can’t wait for whatever you throw at us next.

  9. YAY yet another story in the works! ok lets do extra math! (besides the spamm protection) thats three! (hush i had to use my fingers 🙂 ) thats amazing! me i sleep most the day roll outta bed and to the computer, check all my sites including this one! and go on with my day, i think i have one story right now? yeah, but i have like 1 or 2 small itty bitty fics i’m working on too. u…u just make my day everyday! i wake up to this…ok so its two am i’m kinda warming up for the next day. wow, i’m talking a lot…:D good job, bring me more santa! we want more!..please…

  10. I want to subtitle this one “Riley’s Writerly Revenge.” Those silly ABC writers, expecting us to believe that Lindsay would actually leave Cindy in the hospital for anything, let alone a man she’s known for a week. Puh-lease. So thanks once more, Riley, for giving us our OTP fix!

  11. Sigh, this was the first one i read, one week on and i am addicted. I just had to come back to red it again. Hehe, lurker no more! From now on i’m determined to leave a comment on all future postings. Love your work, hope everyone’s well!

  12. Hooray for a valid reason for Lindsay leaving Cindy in the hospital.

    Absolutely love the line “No matter how much she couldn’t stand for Cindy to see her doing it, she cared.”

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