40 Hotties Over 40: #10 Constance Marie (Age: 42)

As we have reached this, the home stretch, be prepared for your socks to be knocked right off your feet.

You have been warned…

My, my, my. This is one babelicious chica. We’ll forgive the busy, slightly vertigo-inducing dress.


Some sites claim she was born in ’69, but birth records prove ’65. Don’t fight it, hottie. Give into it. Be fierce, foxy and over forty. Some of us kind of like that.

Constance was so f’in sexy on George Lopez, it should have been illegal. It was too dangerous. We know how easily things catch fire out there. She could have set the whole state ablaze.

Like this very abbreviated scene (which apparently gave someone chillz, yes with a ‘z’… ah, the spelling skillz of our future generations) –

Anyway, it’s all in the eyes.

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One Comment

  1. Uh, who dis again?

    I don’t know about this choice. Not that she’s not attractive, but to make the Top 10 of a list like this, I think most people should know who the woman is. Number 36, sure, but not Top 10.

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