40 Hotties Over 40: #14 Jaclyn Smith (Age: 62)

Have you seen Jaclyn Smith lately? She’s 62 years old. 62 years old and she looks like this –


Now, while I find this photo absolutely adorable, I do regret that it doesn’t show off her lower extremities. Jaclyn Smith gets my vote as the new Tina Turner. I mean, I’m not expecting her to grab a mic and start singing Proud Mary or anything, though that would be pretty sweet, but she definitely has Tina Turner-esque legs. Seriously. I keep seeing the commercials for Shear Genius and every time she pops up at the end I think, “Day-um, them thar’s some nice gams.”

Oh, and she was the hottest Charlie’s angel ever. That’s right, kiss it Farrah Fawcett. You may have had the posters, but Jaclyn still has the goods.

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  1. This may date me, but I was a Charlie’s Angels fan from the first day it aired, back when I didn’t even know I had gender specific equipment. I was always jealous of that John Forsythe guy.

    But, hey! Let’s not all be going “down on Farrah” -er I mean- let’s not unfairly criticize Farrah. She’s lived a much harsher lifestyle (sniff sniff, glug glug) and has had a much harder role to play (Ryan O’Neil’s human punching bag for decade or two) and she still looks pretty good.

    But my favourite Angel was always Kelly. The voice. The dark hair. The calm ego-free attitude. Watching her in action was like getting a great massage. It still is. To think that she looks THIS good at THIS age is…well it makes me feel like a kid again. I guess they were ALL sexy older women to me back then, but Jaclyn Smith was probably the first I fell for. Hell, she may outlive me and still look hot!

    Another EXCELLENT choice.

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