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  1. So, that first episode was amazing and such a great promise of things to come. I’ve already commented at the vs comm., but I wanted to say something here, too because I’m so happy that you’re part of it. Can I ask when your episode(s) is (are) gonna ‘air’ and which one(s) it (they)is (are)…or do you all prefer to keep it a secret until the day? Ever since I did an interview with some of your team mates, I can’t seem to stop asking questions about the vs. My inner Cindy Thomas has been getting quite a work-out. 😉

    Long live the Club in Virtual Season Land!! 🙂

  2. Number one, my inner Lindsay Boxer wants to sleep with your inner Cindy Thomas… muah haha.

    Number two, here’s my writing schedule thus far. I shall keep you posted if anything changes.

    Episode 5 – airs October 31st
    Episode 7 – airs November 21st

    Those are my two solo eps.

    And I’m still waiting to see how much I will be involved in Ep 10. I may be co-writing it, but I’m letting my co-writer take the lead, so we’ll see how much she wants my help:) She may not need me.

    Either way, ep 10 airs 1/9/09.

  3. I totally read that as ‘ep 10 will airs 1st Sept 09’ before I remembered to transfer the month and day slots for Australian dating.

    Almost had a heart attack.

    The name of episode ten is already giving me a bad feeling though.

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