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  1. That was a lot of fun, and esp. now I’m glad that someone’s still carrying the L/C torch. But isn’t it kind of a revenge for Rizzoli to keep poor Lindsay in a constant state of sexual frustration? 😉

  2. 😀

    That was just so emosewa!

    I just don’t know have any more ways to say how awesome you are so I thought I’d say it backwards 😉

  3. “I just hope she rocks your world like you’re hoping,” Jacobi responded on a laugh, then smirked. “Not that I have any doubts.” – I have no doubts either

    I can only imagine Lindsay in that outfit, but it’s hot. I was laughing my ass off at how she handled both Jacobi and F-Dog

  4. “I’ve.” Punch. “Got.” Punch. “Places.” Punch. “To.” Punch. “Be.” Punch.
    And I certainly can’t think of any better incentive to be in those places. 🙂

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