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  1. Dear Anne,

    I’m writing from Australia because of the rumours I’ve heard that Women’s Murder Club is going to be cancelled. You don’t know how devastating this is to me, because television over here is littered with horrible reality tv shows and a never-ending stream of sport. We need some relief!


    Ask and, hopefully, you shall receive?

  2. Many thanks for finding the info, bad news as it seems.

    Maybe if everyone asks, begs n pleads? As in, please, please, please keep this show on the air – I am so tired of “reality” shows… I need my weekly dose of Lindsay and Cindy!

  3. so are you going to post the fall line up on here? please. *glares up at elimonte*…. how dare you. we would much rather watch wmc not … eli stone… *shudders* i will send as many emails as i can… thank god there is no limt to how many yahoo acounts you can have! 😀

  4. After last Tuesday’s episode I thought that when the news of possible cancellation came, it wouldn’t feel horrible. I was wrong, it does. So off to email ABC, again and phone and harass…

  5. Riley,
    Thanks for posting that info! I have already sent the emails….will be calling when I leave this Hell hole called work!

  6. Now, now, no name-calling.

    The pro-Eli Stone comment has been deleted. It’s great that you have a cause, but this blog will not be allowing comments that are counterproductive to our own cause.

    Translation: Don’t post petitions on behalf of Eli Stone. They will be deleted.

  7. oh shit! I’ve said many times that I wouldn’t care if the show would get canceled if it had to be as bad as the last 2 episodes, but that’s not true!!

    Riley, do you realize that if there’s no more weekly WMC you will have to sustain our addiction to Lindsay and Cindy…
    We will need you so much!!!!!!!

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