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  1. I like it!

    That’s a pretty darn good effort, even if you are down playing it 😉

    I’m thinking you just wrote the opening for season two, and I’m hoping you might even continue on and write the whole season for us? Too much to hope…?


  2. Very good! And in light of what I fear is coming tomorrow, bittersweet. This is the kind of episode the show should have come back with. How do we get those monkeys over at Fox and ABC to notice your genius?

    Oh and about the episode itself. I could so imagine Cindy in holding, signing “Oklahoma” or something and Linsday walking up to her: “Stop singing” and she stops immediately. BWHAHAHAHAHA!! *tears of laughter ensue*

  3. Great story. This would be a perfect opening for season two. I especially liked Cindy’s behaviour when locked in the cell. I can totally see her doing that. But I still wouldn’t mind reading a fic of your version of 1×12. There was just so much opportunity there that was completely skipped over.

  4. so i went from havin a great day to an awful day and then i read this and my day got sooo much better! and its only 9 in the morning! see me being my 17 year old self was dumped by the boy who i asked out, his eyes met mine and sighed showing pain and then he said no, i told him just yesterday that my answer to him asking me out today… sigh i guess i will never understand men… btw thanks for putting this up my smile came back! thanks and personaly i think abc should ask you to write for them! you kick ass!

    ps i rant if you cant tell… its just a thing i do. 😀

  5. I could probably crank out an entire season. Of course, I would probably want to take a little more time with future eps, so it might take me quite some time.

    I thought it would be a pretty sweet comeback episode, and I totally thought Cindy singing in the cell would be both utterly Cindy and hysterical.

    As for how to get the ABC/Fox peeps to notice my genius… believe me, I’m putting forth an effort myself. If you want to help though, you could always call the ABC line and drop my name on their automated system. Not pleading… just hinting.

    I actually wrote a short little something about the 1.12 slightings. I just still don’t know whether or not I want to post it. It’s not a whole fic. It’s just a rambling.

    Jessi… I’m so sorry 🙁 But I’m glad you got your smile back!

  6. this episode rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s GREAT, Cindy singing in the cell and the whole thing with Lindsay arresting her and keeping her safe.. yum! And what’s even better: they could actually air something like this because it’s just sub-texty enough for us to be pleased and for them to not really care (or notice, who knows..)..

    I liked the case too, it was exciting and interesting, with interrogations, stubborn suspects, investigations, innocent victims etc…

    I believe this has already been said, so I’ll repeat it: you are an evil genius!
    I really adore you right now!!

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