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  1. i think it was your cubicle neighbor. she’s trying to get to you. the time has come to strike a blow!!!!

    also, you are a ninja master. is it possible that another sect of ninjas is testing you somehow?

    maybe the other lesbian sleep walks?

    MAYBE the other lesbian unlocked the door earlier in the morning, without your knowledge, in an attempt to totally. freak. you. out. and it appears to be working. she’s laughing at you right now. don’t turn around.

  2. Don’t worry of all the strange things to do while sleepwalking yours is quite normal. I once sleepwalked to the fridge opened the door and settled back to sleep standing up with my head in the freezer. I’m a vegetarian so you can imagine the screams when I woke up with my face touching a pile of defrosted raw meat. Also my left cheek had freezer burn for a week!

  3. No way. The other lesbian looked way more freaked out than me. She wasn’t pranking me.

    I’m not going to give the cubicle neighbor that much credit. This seems far above her planning abilities.

    But as for the ninjas… hmmm.

    Heh, Holy Popsicle Sticks, Jessie! That’s hysterical. I mean, probably not for you, at least not at the time, but it’s damn funny to read.

  4. Do you guys have a pet?

    I understand some dogs can be very industrious. Like one of those resourceful pups that dials 911 when its owner has fallen and can’t get up. How far of a leap is it really to go from picking up the phone to picking a lock?

    I also hear that some cockatiels are quite crafty.

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