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  1. Two Broke Girls has been the surprise of the new season for me too. I happened to catch the end of the pilot because I was curious about the HK in 2 ½ men, and I liked it a lot so I tuned in for ep 2 and loved it. I’m sticking with it.

    Harry’s Law has been the biggest disappointment for us. Hate all the changes they’ve made…It looks like they tried to turn it into ‘Cincinnati Legal’ and it sucks…we’re out. It’s sad cause I really love KB.

    And I thought the Angels would bite the dust before the Bunnies. Still think they’ll be called back up before the end of the year.

    And I agree with you on The Good Wife but all in all it’s still my favorite show on the air right now. Not 100% for sure how it works but if Lockhart-Gardner starts representing the States Attorney’s office, when for example county hospital gets sued, that’s one way to bring back Redhead. 😀 Assuming nurse Zoey works for County.

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