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  1. Lets see…the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expting different results. hmmmm and people who think they are crazy are more sane then people who deny they are. go figure. miss you at the work insylum

  2. As to the “ya need some $”…

    I’m really hoping this is a generous, no-strings attached offer for an interest-free loan, but I doubt it.

    Watch yourself. As far as I know, solicitation is still illegal in this state.

  3. well it sounds like you could use a break. sleeping on your books and trying to get a break out there. It is an unfair world at times. and sorry you and i have something in common. I think you know what that may be.
    you have a movie and i am sure you would like to get it out. You are a great writer you just may someone to believe in you for a change outside of your wealth of friends.

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