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  1. It must be said in our defense that the love bugs only come out twice a year. The heat lasts forever, though. We did almost get down to freezing last night, though, so there’s that. 🙂

    WDW is definitely still the main reason we’re here, especially with a house full of little princesses. 🙂

    1. There is no denying that Disney’s a magical place. For little princesses and grown princes alike 😉 Disneyland, on the other hand… not so much. So, that’s definitely a point for Orlando.

  2. Interesting, I keep hearing that if one is fond of the Magic Kingdom, as I surely am, one owes it to oneself to visit DL at least once, since that’s where it all began and the place with Walt’s touch around every corner. I also hear California’s Pirates and Space Mountain are superior to WDW’s. What didn’t you like? Maybe good fodder for a future WDW vs. DL post. 😉

    1. I do admit that Pirates is superior in California. And the Haunted Mansion as well. It definitely does have it’s good points.

      Mostly it’s the feel around the area, I guess. I always used to make fun of how cult-like it was driving into the Disney World “compound,” but I sort of missed the compound at Disneyland. You drive into the parking garage right off of a main road, the surrounding hotels don’t have that Disney vibe, it’s very urban and lacks the magical ‘I’m going off into another world’ sort of feel. Everything also just seems smaller there. Other than Pirates and the Mansion, the only thing that I really remember well about it is the cute girl who worked the Snow White ride.

      As far as California Adventure, when we went there – a few years ago – it didn’t feel like a Disney park at all. It felt like a run-of-the-mill amusement park with a Mickey head stamped on it.

      And Downtown Disney in California is a drag.

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