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  1. It’s also my least favorite book, though I don’t quite know why. Lots was left out, which I expected. But it jumped from plot point to plot point, which seemed rather choppy to me. And they COMPLETELY made up a scene – which was an interesting surprise, though annoying. But it is visually brilliant. And the end is cry worthy. However, seeing it at midnight may have altered my perception…haha. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Oh, crying was inevitable. The not so loving the rest of the movie however, might be blamed on the time.

  3. So what did you think?

    I really liked book 6 (although Book 7 is probably my favorite… well, tied with 3) and I thought the movie was pretty good. Not perfect… I am not sure about the lack of discussion of the horcruxes… how will Harry find them or know where to start if he and Dumbledore did not discuss the fact that Voldemort has a strong attraction to the founders of Hogwarts?

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