Who Votes for the Sexy Boy Kiss?

Every time I think that House and Wilson can’t possibly get anymore subtexty, the brilliant House writers go and do a heartfelt friend moment that looks so homo it’s practically canon. I know that House is in love with Cuddy and all – who the hell isn’t? – but you simply can’t deny the House/Wilson thing.

An impromptu kiss (like Jordan kissing LuĀ  in a most spontaneous fashion on Crossing Jordan) would be so entirely believable between the two of them. House would initiate, of course, and Wilson would kiss back and then just stand there and kind of look at House with that Was this a serious kiss or are you using me to make a point/get your way/shock the hell out of people? look. It would be sexy as all hell and a group of do-gooders would refuse to let let their ten-year-olds watch the show that freely depicts drug use, infidelity, lying and death again.

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