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  1. somewhere around the 8th paragraph i had to remind myself that this post was about jeans… not boots. or was it about boots?

  2. Haha. That was very amusing. 🙂

    Especially the bit about not being a label whore unless there’s a red hot redhead free with purchase and wanting to hump the blue off the boots.

    And I totally know what you mean but not with pants…I had a favorite hat that I was very much attached to and wore it almost every day. I found it the other day and it looks like a dirty old rag but I don’t want to throw it away. Despite the fact I really don’t know what I was thinking wearing it so much in the first place. Did I not look in the mirror? When I first got it, it was alright but it seemed to shrink over the years (or my head just got bigger hah) to the point where my skull bulged out the top and my unfortunate nose protruded quite unattractively out from underneath in profile. Not to mention the fact that it had faded and gone yellowy…ew. Thankfully, I stopped wearing it a few years ago.

    I once got a pair of shoes for $250 for my birthday back when I was a spoiled brat. They were these awesome white and orange Osiris skate shoes. I couldn’t skateboard to save my life but the shoes were so cool I just had to have them. They lasted me quite a while. I actually still have them. My mother wears them for gardening. haha.

    My shoes tend to last a long time…probably due to a combination of the fact that I really love them and I am slightly insane. You see, when I was younger I had a completely unhealthy compulsion to keep my shoes in the best condition for as long as humanly possible. It’s tapered off now but back in the day I used to get home and polish my shoes for marks. Kinda freakish. haha.

    Though, now all I wear are chucks and I don’t care what happens to them.

    Good luck with the jeans! I hope they last a while longer. They sound freakin’ awesome. I’m kinda jealous, even if they are falling apart 😉 The boots sounded kick ass too…R.I.P.

    Wow, that was a very garrulous response. Sorry! *blush*

  3. No worries, Shay. I like your words. Feel free to use as many of them as you want.

    Well, at least those expensive as shoes are still kicking… no pun intended, though it was obviously excruciatingly punny.

    And, I can’t lie here… the whole polishing your shoes thing kinda freaked me out a little.

    And Tara, you totally got me… it’s about pants AND boots.

  4. hilarious!!! I can so relate to your jean situation. I ,too, once had the perfect pair of Levi’s that I purchased on clearance for $8.00 and wore them for 5 years before they had to be retired *sob*.
    I can’t stop laughing at this post… the humping of the boots woulda been great, my wish for you is that you find another pair of boots that are hump-worthy.
    I miss you guys & I love ya!

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