Two Days Before Tuesday

I do believe this would be a pretty slick title for something other than this post, but I’m going to use it for this post and then we’ll see what happens.

If you were stoned all weekend until the tippy-nippy-end of it, you might have missed Jodie Foster’s public coming out. Everyone else is dissecting the hell out of it. Some people are furious!! – double-exclamation point!! – that she didn’t do it sooner. Others think the entire world already knew.

I go neither way.

I’m frankly surprised she came out at all, and I’ve been reminded too many times that the general population doesn’t know who’s gay the way that gay people think the general population does. There were plenty of surprised faces staring at their TVs Sunday night, guaranteed.

All I know is this. I, personally, would have a very hard time being an unacknowledged partner for decades, and that speech was fucking phenomenal. The somewhat nervous rambling at the beginning gave way to this –

“I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely.”

That is one profoundly simple way of summing up the human condition.

And of clearing my tear ducts.

Also enjoyed, the Anne Hathaway to Sally Field “Flying Nun to Norma Rae” appreciation, if not the Anne Hathaway haircut.

Next up was Once Upon a Time.

Emma and Regina were pretty much all over last week’s episode, so I guess I’ll give them a pass on the not-aroundness of our unambiguously hot, ambiguously gay duo this week.

Since they were on so little, though, I’ve got very little to work with. So, I will sum up my thoughts in four words.

Emma says –

“We were wrong. Regina didn’t do it.”

Riley thinks –

Cue the makeup sex.

After Golden-Globing and Once-ing, it was latish, I was paging through the guide, and, I admit it, I intentionally put on Cyndi Lauper’s reality show Still So Unusual. I’m not proud. I enjoy Cyndi, but I can’t actually think of a single person on Earth whom I need to watch… you know… live. The point is, my stopover in the land of Lauper was short-lived, but long enough for an intriguing find.

Apparently, one of the actors in the play reading we went to while we were in New York last time was Cyndi’s husband. Who knew? This discovery was especially bizarre since we were in town to see Cyndi’s concert extravaganza in the first place. Clearly, when we go home with Cyndi for the holidays, we hang with the entire family.

Oh, and, uh, I have a new theme.

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