Wendy Crewson Rocks Toronto

So, Tuesday night I got to see Wendy Crewson in Love, Loss and What I Wore. Which was oh so wonderful for me. But it wasn’t just Wendy. Indeed, the entire cast was a treat. And Margot Kidder… just too cool.

Great script, great performance, and most fantabulous after-performance.

First thing to note, and so incredibly strange for us, was the fact that we were like the only people waiting outside of the stage door who didn’t know one of the actors personally. Is that not a thing in Canada? I mean, WTF? When we went to see A Little Night Music last week, there were barricades on either side of the stage door and lines like twelve people deep.

Anyway, Wendy came out as the last person in the backstage brigade. We looked at her with smiles of anticipation. She looked back at us and said, “Margot is coming out the front.” So Shawna says “We were waiting for you.” And Wendy is like, “Really?” And we’re like “Uh, yeah.” So, then I tell her that she is one of my favorite actresses, and she’s all “That is so sweet.” And Shawna tells her that we can’t see everything that she’s in in the U.S. (Because, you know, we are the U.S. and we wouldn’t possibly stoop to buying TV shows from Canada. Since our television plate is loaded with such high-class fare.) She asks where we’re from and Shawna says Pennsylvania (only true for another twenty-some odd days, but close enough) and Wendy says, “You didn’t drive all the way up here to see this, did you?” And I say, “We drove all the way up here to see you.” And she’s like, “I’m in shock.” And she actually looked quite in shock. Cause she had no idea she’s that cool to me. And then she’s like, “Thank you. That’s amazing.” And I’m like, “Thank you. It was awesome getting to see you on stage.”

And then she hugged us.

I asked if they were as in awe of being onstage with Margot Kidder as they seemed. And she was like, “Yes, she’s amazing,” and talked all about how Margot was open about everything in her life, including her crazy. And we got to make a mutual joke at Montana’s expense.

Then, when she signed my playbill (though that’s a really generous term, cause it’s really more of a flyer), Wendy dropped our blue Sharpie and wrote on her t-shirt. She said that she was “Graceful as always” and picked it up. And I told her that I’m a writer and all of my clothes have ink stains on them.

So, as we had our picture taken by some of Wendy’s old friends who were waiting outside of the theater as well, she asked what I wrote and I told her about my book and how I wrote screenplays and how I won the award in the screenwriting competition. And she’s like congratulations. And I said maybe one day she’d be in something of mine, to which she responded, “Well, I’m free in five days.”

It was just so strange, because she was nominated for yet another Gemini Award the same day as the play, and yet she was so sincerely amazed that we would drive that far to see her. I simply cannot imagine such a humble reaction from any of our Emmy award nominees.

Wendy Crewson. Simply wonderful.

And clearly as blind as a bat without her glasses.

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  1. It’s so cool when people you admire turn out to be worthy of that admiration.

    I’m really happy for you. Not at all jealous. Not one bit 😉

  2. It was nice to find out she was such a cool, humble, slightly goofy person.

    Oh, and Shawna met some people who made her rethink her “All Canadians are polite” stance 😉

  3. I have a Canadian friend whose favorite LJ icon is “My job is to break every stereotype about how nice Canadians are”

  4. Wendy Crewson is my favourite actress all over the world. I have tried so many times to get her picture with autograph but noone have ever replied to me. I wrote to many many people and even to her in ActraToronto.
    You say that she is so friendly and approchable so I wonder why it seems impossible to have an autograph?
    Maybe she doesn’t like fans?
    Gabriella Italy

    1. Hi Gabriella – When I met Wendy, she was very kind and humble. As for getting an autograph from her, I don’t know how you might go about that from Italy. However, at the very least you would need to know which agent/agency she works with. That is generally how actors get their fan mail. Actra Toronto is a union, not an agency, so they won’t be able to help you. Also, if you want someone to ship a signed photo to you, you should expect to pay the international postage, so I suggest finding out who her agent is, double-checking with the agency through email if they accept fan mail for their actors, and asking if you need to send postage.

      I doubt that the lack of response is because she doesn’t like fans. It’s more likely she has not even seen your letters.

      Sorry for your frustrations.

      1. Hi Random, thanks for your quick reply. You are the second person who answer me about Mrs.Wendy Crewson.
        In November 2012 I wrote to her agent Messrs. Oscars, Abrams, Zimel and Associates – 438 Queen Street East – Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T4 Canada, but they never responded.
        In January 2013 I learned that Mrs.Crewson is an Actra’s member, so I wrote an email (there was her address) and copy to all people who work there. In practice I broke boxes to all (sorry, this is italian slang), to get the picture. No response.
        I rewrote in March and May (the May 9th is her birthday), no answer.
        A few days later I sent 10 letters with 10 Italian stamps ( I wanted they understand that I wish this picture with all my heart) and a nice lady in Actra told me that she sent my mail and Mrs.Crewson reply with “thank you”. Further she said that Actra is very sensitive with all correspondence received and would certainly delivered all 10 letters to Mrs. Crewson but, unfortunately, also here no reply.
        On Facebook I found her children’s profiles and I sent them a message asking to talk kindly with their fantastic mom, still concerning this picture. No reply.
        Last week I sent a registered letter to agent Mr. Zimel with enclosed 10 Canadian dollars (which I asked to my Italian bank) and I hope that at least this time I can receive this blessed autographed picture.
        I’m sure Mrs. Crewson is a kind and humble person (as well as an amazing actress!!), but I think that, knowing all the work I am doing to have this autograph, 0,85 cents for sending it to me maybe she could find.
        This has disappointed me a little bit, I’m sure she knows everything I’ve done and for this reason I’m saying that maybe she does not care about fans.
        I vote her every day on the Canada Walk of Fame’s link for letting her have the star because she really deserves it and I invited all my friends to do so.
        She is my favorite actress, her way of acting is amazing, she is incredible, just few actors can convey that kind of emotion. In Italy there are none. I love her commitment to people with ALS (I know what means to be sick as I also have a rare disease). She is a terrific actress and a great person.
        I know all her filmography as well as the television series, I could take part in a competition and I’d win for sure.
        As you have had the great fortune to meet her, can you pls tell me some more information in addition to the article you wrote?
        Thanks so much. If I can reciprocate pls let me know. Maybe you wish some Bolognese recipes?? Do you know “tortellini or lasagne”?
        Ciao and thanks again.

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