A Gay Ole Week

Well, kinda, but kinda was good enough this week.

First up, we finally got a marathon of the last few episodes of Hot in Cleveland that we missed while being homeless during the summer. During this catch-up, we saw that Joy and Victoria got hitched in Canada. Yes, it’s done for comedic purposes and, no, they aren’t going gay, but it’s a fun story line. And since I’m running late, I can say that it has remained fun for the first few episodes of the winter season. I can also say that, despite the fact that the marriage was done solely for humor’s sake, the fact that they have spent three episodes in a pretend marriage instead of man-chasing is very upsetting for some people. Apparently even the sham gay marriage of two fictional characters is threatening.

Then, there was the Henry goes into the mine episode of Once Upon a Time, and Emma and Regina were supposed to be having a sorta motherly standoff, but really did look like the throw down that they were about to have was going to be a clothes-free one.

And last, but certainly not least, was The Closer and Brenda and Raydor having a moment where they are all like – “I respect you so much.” “No, I respect you so much.” “I admire you.” “I admire you more.” And it was like a million times hotter than the girls who are actually couples on TV. You know, like, all two sets of them.

Then, they followed that sexy respecty exchange with a shot of Mary McDonnell leaning on the hood of a car, which was shot by some genius who realized ‘Why have Mary McDonnell lean against a car if we’re not gonna start at her feet and do a full-leg pan?’ This is the kind of work that deserves an Emmy.

Anyway, it was femslashtasic and I was happy to be a part of it.

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