Awesome Betty White News… well, kinda

SNL is ready to sign on Betty White for hosting duties… with a twist. She won’t host alone, but with a bevy of helpmates. Apparently, “This tag-team approach will allow Lorne Michaels to appease White-on-SNL zealots… without making the 88-year-old shoulder the burden of all 90 minutes on her own.”

Uh huh.

Betty White working out a deal to host Saturday Night Live = 98% awesome

‘Women of Comedy’ SNL episode = 92% awesome

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler & Molly Shannon together on SNL = 88% awesome

Allowing them to share hosting duties with Betty White = 50/50 awesome-to-douchey

Betty White’s ‘Women of Comedy’ SNL costars having an average age of 41, with two of them under the age of 40 = 85% douchey

Ignoring other female comedy legends who are still going strong = 96% douchey

Getting away with ageism by calling it concern = priceless

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