I didn’t forget.

I do so miss Aubrey on my television with regularity, but I will take her when I can get her for as long as I can get her. It’s just a lucky coincidence that she happened to guest on a show that I like anyway and  interact with the character that I would have rooted for interaction with if I’d been given a vote.

She didn’t get enough screen time, of course, and she didn’t have a lot to do. But it was still Redhead and it was still wonderful to see her.

And also –

I saw two rabbits engaging in a crazy battle yesterday. I have never witnessed a bunny fight before, but it was totally badass. There was aggressive lunging and backward hopping and even some rather baffling face-humping.

Anya would have been terrified.

Apparently rabbits do this to show dominance or to gear up for sexual shenanigans. We didn’t stick around to see which.

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  1. I am guessing you were referring to her Good Wife appearance (which was broadcast in Australia last night). Looks like a setup for a few more appearances or they would used a much less well known actress for the short screen time. Of course, next season will be a long way away.

    1. Yes indeed. I was talking about her Good Wife appearance. Guess I should have been more specific, huh? It is a long way away, but I do hope we’ll get a return visit (or 6) next season.

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