HP on the DL

It never fails. The newest Harry Potter movie comes out in theaters. I am severely disappointed by what they choose to leave in and what they choose to leave out. I pout about it for weeks.

Then, the DVD gets released. I buy it the first day. I put it in the DVD player and leave it playing repetitively in the background of my life for like 3 months. It’s like being an alcoholic who doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, but enjoys the buzz too much to quit.

Though I will admit that enamored Ron and lucky Harry in Half-Blood Prince are worth repeat viewings.

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  1. I thought HP6 was pretty well done, but I suppose I’ve long since learned to separate the books from the films, appreciation-wise. With the standout exception of The Shawshank Redemption (which was based on a novella and not a full-length novel), I don’t think there’s been a single novel-to-film adaptation that truly did the original work justice. Not to say there have been no good films made from novels, just that usually the modifications required tend to make the film a lesser experience.

    I totally agree that the Felix Felicis scene was exceedingly enjoyable, though. That was just FUN to watch. 🙂

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