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  1. Me gusta Pepa y Silvia. Mucho.

    Y’know. If I mute the speakers and take off my glasses or contacts, then I can just pretend the two are Angie and the Redhead.

    Then again, them just being Pepa and Silvia are still enjoyable without having to be Angie and the Redhead.

    Kudos to the chemical genius who brought upon us the Tall Brunette and Redhead equation.

  2. Ok, that was just mean.

    I admit it, I’m a plot junkie. Now I NEED to know what happened after….grrr….


  3. The height difference is just about right, too. So, as mg87 said, if you take off your glasses or contacts, squint or look at your monitor from a different angle, it’s not a big leap.

    It helps if just before you read part 11 of Extreme Sensitivity. 🙂

  4. I really needed another fandom. *bangs head on desk* So I clicked play and this is suprisingly good, now I’m off to find the episodes

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