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  1. What you’re stopping there? Not even telling us if Lindsay talks to Jill…I really want an update on this with everything fixed and Lindsay with Cinddy and Pete…well anywhere but with Lindsay would be fine

  2. I wish you could see my face right now. It’d tell you what a million words couldn’t about my reaction to this update. I feel so bad about being cavalier about Lindsay’s emotions in the last part now. Damn it!

  3. Gut-wrenching. My heart is breaking for everybody in this one. Except for Pete. Ok maybe even for Pete, a little. I mean the poor guy never had a chance, really.

    Thanks for taking time to update fics. 🙂

  4. This is another favorite of mine; I knew when I started reading. How I love tortured Lindsay… Just more, please.

  5. Ditto to Starry first two sentences.
    Though Claire was holding her as delicately as a porcelain doll, she shattered a little bit more inside the embrace.” The way you were able to write this just perfect, just perfect. I’ve definitely been a part of that before (holding my friend as they shattered that bit more inside) and that is exactly the right way to put it.

  6. I hurt. I hurt for Cindy. I hurt for Lindsay. I just hurt. But that’s a good thing. If anyone can keep me reading through Jill and Cindy vomit inducing romance to get to the sweet Lindsay/Cindy in wainting, it’s you Random Riley. Hanging by my fingernails for more.

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